Website Design

Website design is the way to go!

Your website is probably one of the most important things when it comes to your business' identity. Not only does it identify who you are in front the whole online universe, but the right website (and website design) can really help set up your authority in front of millions. Our websites are beautiful, and range from the down-right minimalistic to the drop-dead gorgeous! Oh, and did we mention we provide copy-writing services and stock photography? You don't even need to provide us with much, just general information about your business and your services and we'll take it from there! Of course... we'll give you a preview first!

Copywriting -- It's more than just text on a page

"Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, or influence their beliefs." - Wikipedia

When deciding on what type of written content and images your web pages should have, "copy" as it is known in the creative industry, is the key to having a good user experience, great content and great website design. Having well written and search-engine friendly content also helps sites like Google and Yahoo identify keywords in your content and helps drive traffic to your site. Now don't get us wrong, it's not the only thing, but its one big piece of the puzzle. As the new saying goes: Content is KING.

What about images for my site?

What's great website design without some images? We've got access to a large amount of stock images with which to create websites. We'll find the best ones that we believe will fit your website well, and we'll show them to you. Once you've approved them, we're good to go!

Content Management

We're always here to help, but what about when you need to make changes on our own in regards to images and text? We've got you covered.  We set you up with a content management system! The one we use is a very popular one called Wordpress -- you might have heard of it! It's used by many large media outlets such as CNN and Forbes. You'll be in good hands!

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